The Significance Of A Smile

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How can you smile when it seems that the world is against you? How can you smile when you were raised on the so-called wrong side of the tracks and the odds of survival were stacked against you? No matter the challenges that are faced in life, they can be overcome, one moment, one step, one smile at a time. Have you ever considered the effect a smile can have on you? A single gesture as a smile can prevent sadness, low self esteem, and make the other person feel that they have hope. Think about the time that someone smiled at you and how it made you feel. The intent of this book is for you to realize that you are overcomers no matter the adversity. A smile is indeed significant because it can have far-reaching and everlasting positive effects, not just for the one smiling, but for those who witness the smile. Even if just for a moment, you might be able to realize that God is far larger than any problem you can have. With His consistent help and guidance, you begin to realize that all things are possible. Not everything in life is funny or humorous, but a smile can assist to make the difference. Overtime, that same smile can manifest itself outward which can serve to help someone along the way.